MyVR Connect Overview

MyVR Connect enables 3rd party applications to interact with MyVR accounts. This collection of guides will outline what's possible with MyVR Connect and walk you through how to get started.

MyVR connect is designed for 3rd party application developers to access data stored in MyVR accounts. Using MyVR Connect, your application can request access to a MyVR account and subsequently use our RESTful API to manage account data.

Example Use Cases

  • Website Builder

    You build websites for vacation rental owners/operators and would like access MyVR account data to build a website on a 3rd party platform.

  • Yield Optimization

    You have a yield optimization application and would like to automatically adjust the rental rates for MyVR account holders' properties.

Getting Started

  • Register Your Application

    To use MyVR Connect, you must first register your application with MyVR. Applications can be registered online from within your MyVR Developer Portal account. Click here to sign up for an account.

  • Connect to Accounts

    After registering your application, you can use our standard OAuth flow to connect to the MyVR accounts of your users. If your users don't have a MyVR account, we'll walk them through the process of creating one in the connect flow.

  • API Account Access

    Once connected, you'll be able to interact with users' account data using our Account API. Connected applications can do things like read property data, update rental rates, create new calendar events, and much more.