Account API Overview

We offer a simple yet powerful RESTful API that provides access to account data. You can import and export data, as well as receive notifications when changes occur.


Access to our RESTful Account API requires a private access key. API Access keys can be created and managed within your MyVR account and are a necessary first step to achieve API access.

Alternatively, if you are developing an application that uses MyVR Connect to access data on connected accounts, you will need to use our standard OAuth flow to retrieve an access key for each account you plan on connecting to.

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Test interfacing with our Account API without altering your live account data. Using a test API access key, you can validate your code is working properly with test data.

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Receive notifications when changes occur in your account using Webhooks. For example, when property data changes, a reservation request arrives, or an inquiry is received, we can push a notification informing you of the event and associated data.

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Full Reference

Now that you have an idea of how our Account API works, head over to our Account API Reference Guide and explore the complete documentation. You can learn about all the resources that are available and how you can make calls against them.

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